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First Nations Bedtime Stories Challenge


                                                               Day 1: The One-Eyed Rainbow Serpent

3/4RN really enjoyed listening to the Dreamtime story, The One Eyed Rainbow Serpent read by Garrard Anderson, a Luritja, Pintupi, Arrernte, and Warlpiri man. We watched the film in a lovely warm classroom with the lights off while sipping hot chocolate made by Mrs Ng. The perfect environment for a BEDTIME STORY. The story was filmed in Ulumbarru, a natural springs about 250km West of Alice Springs.


The story of the One-Eyed Rainbow Serpent is about the natural environment and teaches us about the importance of looking after Country, so it can look after us.


No one has ever seen the One-Eyed Rainbow Serpent, they have only seen his one eye shining bright like a light.


Here are our pictures of what the One-Eyed Serpent might look like, or the baby One-Eyed Rainbow Serpent.