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Transition at School

As 2018 draws to a close, our school has been looking into how we support our students in transitioning into the new school year, new classes, new grades and stages. Returning to school after the holidays is a time of transition and may present challenges and worries for some students.

Each week the Learning Support Team will provide some useful ideas and strategies for families to consider, making the transition back to school a little easier.

This week, the Learning and Support Team has directed their efforts into running individual sessions around transitioning into a new grade. They have discussed some of the similarities and differences between their current and new grade in regards to routines, classrooms and locations around the school.

Tip #1
Talk with your child about how they are feeling as the year comes to a close. Discuss highlights from this year at school and what they are looking forward to next year.

Tip # 2
Discuss with your child some of the things that will be different in their new grade and the things that will stay the same. Encourage them to express how they feel about the things that might be a bit different next year, and discuss any of their concerns without judgment.